Freelance web development, focusing on open-source projects, helping to re-decentralize the web.

Freelance Services

  • Development

    • CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Python, SQL, TypeScript, WebRTC, WebSockets, XMPP

  • Systems

    • Apache, Docker, BIND, HAProxy, MySQL, MongoDB, nginx, PostgreSQL, Redis


Open Source

I maintain and contribute to a number of open source projects.

Group communication for the 21st century

A protocol gateway for the Web

An open protocol for per-user storage on the Web

A Remote Storage server written in Node.js

A JavaScript library for querying WebFinger records

Store and read encrypted data in Redis

A Node.js connection pooling manager for Redis

Compare 2 UTF8 strings, for easy sorting of different languages

A JavaScript testing framework for the browser & node.js
(not actively maintained)

A simplified, high level XMPP Client
(deprecated in favor of xmpp.js)

A tiny, embeddable IRC client ca. 2014
(not actively maintained)

Slow down a process ca. 2002
(not actively maintained)

Perl Network Monitor ca. 2001
(not actively maintained)


Perl Mail Sorter ca. 2001
(not actively maintained)

A web-based CVS client ca. 2001
(not actively maintained)

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