My name is Nick Jennings, a freelance developer working primarily with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I enjoy working on open-source projects, helping to re-decentralize the web, playing music and taking pictures.

Freelance Services

Some of the technologies I'm familiar with (in alphabetical order)


CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, Node.js, NoSQL, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL, WebSockets, XML, XMPP


Apache, BIND, CouchDB, HAProxy, MySQL, MongoDB, nginx, Postfix, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sendmail


Sometimes I'm available for consulting projects. My clients are generally internet businesses, entrepreneurs or other development teams. If you're in need of someone who can not only develop to spec, fix bugs, or add functionality, but can also help to plan the website architecure or make improvements and suggestions to existing infrastructure, please contact me with information about your project.

Free Software

I like to write free software and contribute to open source projects on github icon github

projects I am actively working on

projects I support